About Us

Incorporated in 2003, Simple Advantage Sdn Bhd has evolved progressively from a diminutive venture into a dynamic organization. Simple Advantage Sdn Bhd was established by the IT skilled with a mission to meet government and non-government-call for more bumiputra participation in information technology industries.

We are focusing our efforts in providing effective continuing education programs to build and enhance human capital skills in response to the rapidly changing requirements of the industry. To be brief, we are geared and ready to provide our clients with the best level of services achievable to ensure successful implementation and operation of the system. Our business is to ensure our clients are focused on their business and leave the system to us – we’ll roll-up our sleeves. Your Partner in ICT & Training Listen, strategize and solve. We focus on giving people in all business segments the comprehensive integrated information and services as well as the opportunity to sharpen their skills and improve their performance in order to build affirmative, solid, and profitable results. Armed with enormous experience and skills in the IT field, we believe we could serve and connect proven solutions with real-world challenges.

Meet our Management Team...

Mohammed Shafrick Yusof
Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer of Simple Advantage Sdn Bhd graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology (Information System) in 1997 from Charles Sturt University, Australia.

With more than 15 years of magnificent experience, he served in various information technology capacities, profoundly involved in the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), web application development, e-commerce and e-learning applications. He as well prominently involved in planning, developing and implementing mammoth projects which had led his path to set up Simple Advantage Sdn Bhd.

Hasnida Hashim
Chief Operating Officer

Hasnida obtained her Bachelor of Information Technology (Information System) in 1997 from Charles Sturt University, Australia.

The IT enthusiast Chief Operating Officer of Simple Advantage Sdn Bhd holds a number of excellence portfolios in management and development. She experienced in managing a variety of constructive projects and representing the company in IT and ICT trainings and development.